The Best Foods to Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19)

The Best Foods to Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19). The novel Coronavirus also called COVID-19 pandemic and defining the global health crisis, is spreading globally with each passing day. It is a fatal transmissible viral disease that spreads from animal to human first, then one person to another. The only way to stay away from COVID-19 is to maintain social or mass distancing staying at home. You can also prevent this viral infection by taking foods that will improve your immune system. In this self-quarantine time, or stayed home, you have to take care of your regular food diets habit.

Healthy people as well as those who are having acute or chronic respiratory disease, cardiovascular diseases, diabetics, including any auto-immune deficiency diseases, are being requested to stay at home. However, don’t require to be panic in this situation, but it is time to enhance your immunity and boost your health by taking the best food during Coronavirus.

A good diet is essential for health, mainly in times when the immune system requires to fight back against the disease. If you are searching for ways to prevent winter colds and the flu, your first step should be taking anti-viral food.

Best Foods to Prevent Corona Virus 

Today, basic hygiene is a need for everyone, and it is also essential to build and maintain your immune system properly. Here are some most robust and effective anti-viral food items that you must contain in your food to boost your immune system and helps your body to fight against the transmittable disease.

1. Garlic 

The Best Foods to Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Garlic is an easily available food item in the world. It contains compounds with powerful medicinal properties, which help to fight against the disease. It has rich sources of Vitamin C, B6, sulfur compounds, manganese, and many others. According to medical health consultants and nutritionists, garlic may also help to reduce blood pressure (heart attacks and Strokes) and slow down the hardening of the blood vessels. It also helps to improve the cholesterol levels, potential effects on the longevity of human, performance-enhancing capacity. Garlic’s immune-boosting roles will also help us to fight against COVID – 19. So, this is the best food item for Coronavirus.

2. Citrus fruits 

The Best Foods to Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19)

The citrus foods are the best sources of Vitamin C, and Minerals, which strengthens the immune system. These foods also protect against several diseases such as cancer, heart diseases, brain dysfunction, and kidney stones. Health experts advise taking vitamin C after they have caught a cold or flu, that is because it assists in building up a strong immune system. Vitamin C is also useful to improve the creation of white blood cells, which have the main function to fight against infections.

Examples of citrus fruits:

  • Oranges
  • Grapefruit
  • Lemons
  • Tangerines
  • Limes
  • Amanatsu
  • Citron

Our body does not make or store food for a longer time, so we need to take vitamin C daily for sustained health. Now you have simply put a squeeze of vitamin C to any of your meals. This also helps to prevent us against the virus

3. Dark Chocolate

the best foods for immunity power

Dark chocolate has a decent amount of soluble fiber and minerals, that works as a powerful antioxidant called theobromine. It improves the function of the brain, protects skin damage from sunlight, reduces the risk of heart disease. Additionally, this will assist in enhancing the immune system function by protecting the cells of the body from free radicals.

Best Foods to Prevent From Corona Virus (COVID-19)

When your body comes with pollutants, it produces free radicals, which are the molecules. Free radicals can harm your body cells and can be the cause of disease. Even though it’s possible benefits, dark chocolate is high in saturated fat and calories, so it is significant to eat it in control (beware with weight increase).

4. Red bell peppers

The Best Foods to Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Red bell peppers are the rich sources of Vitamin A, B2, B3, B6, C, Pantothenic Acid, Minerals, and Folate, as well as Vitamin E, Vitamin K, Potassium, Molybdenum, and fiber those can find in varied colors such as red, green, yellow, orange, white and purple. These foods have plentiful health benefits such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, blood sugar, Skin, and Eyes. They are also a wealthy supply of beta carotene. Red Bells have powerful antioxidants, and Red Bell Peppers helps to keep your skin and eyes healthy. Eat more this kind of food because it is having anti-viral properties so that you get a shield for your immune system against COVID – 19 viral.

Best Foods To Prevent From Corona Virus (COVID-19)

5. Broccoli 

best food for immunity power

It is an easily available vegetable that we use in preparing food or salad because it has vitamins A, C, E, and K, good sources of folic acid, potassium, as well as many other fibers and antioxidants proteins. Also, it is one of the healthiest and energetic vegetables, you can eat it regularly. It is a good option for the vegetable to eat frequently to keep the immune system healthy strong. You can eat Broccoli to get complete food nutrients to stay strong and healthy against COVID – 19.

6. Kefir

corona virus

Kefir is a fermented drink that (traditionally made from dairy products but now its also available non-dairy products option) is useful for health. Several studies recommend that drinking kefir may enhance the immune system, useful for digestive problems, helpful for bone health and also fight against cancer as well as various other benefits;

  • reduce inflammation
  • fight against bacteria
  • improve antioxidant activity
  1. Spinach

Immune power increase food

Spinach is a highly rich source of vitamins, minerals. Spinach also has many beta carotene and antioxidants functions, which may help to enhance our immune system and prevent infections. It has several health benefits such as digestive health, blood circulation, improves vision of eyes, prevents cancer, rich in Iron, energizing, and brain food. Studies suggested that flavonoids may help to keep us safe from the common cold or flu. The Best Foods to Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19).

Good hygiene practice, social distancing, and isolating those who are infected are the best-known ways to prevent infection. For more information on how to protect yourself against COVID-19, see the World Health Organisation (WHO) – Basic protective measures against the new coronavirus.

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The Best Foods to Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19). Ideally, there is presently no considerable evidence that any food or dietary pattern can enhance our immune system and prevent or treat COVID-19. However, there are numerous nutrients such as copper, folate, iron, selenium, zinc, and vitamins A, B6, B12, C, and D, which play a significant role in our immune system. It is usually suggested to eat a healthy and balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, which permits us to grasp these nutrients supplements through our food. Furthermore, healthy eating habits, physical activity, less stress, and adequate attainment of sleep will also help to support normal immune functioning of our body. Including these, good personal hygiene practice, social distancing, and isolating those who are infected are the key way to prevent infection. More detail about COVID-19 follows the World Health Organization link. The Best Foods to Prevent Corona Virus (COVID-19)