While talking about the beauty of humans, the face is a prior part. A beautiful face symbolizes a beautiful person, and physical appearance is important for humans. Eyes are the first point of attraction for anyone, so we always make sure to look amazing. Eyes often have a beautiful appearance with eyebrows. Thus, people are nowadays more concerned about making or having perfect shape and color of eyebrows.

A Step by Step Guide to Lightening Your Eyebrows
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A step by step guide to lightening your eyebrows

The eyebrow is an area above the eyes with certain shapes that prevent sweat, water, and other things into the eye socket that may harm eyes. Eyebrows are important to human communication as well as for facial expression. The first visible part of the human body that defines the beauty of one. Read about step by step guide to lightening your eyebrows.

Different cosmetic methods are invented and practiced to alter the appearance of eyebrows, removing hair, changing color, and many other ways. People modify their eyebrows using makeup and reshape by removing hair so that it enhances the beauty of their faces.

A Step by Step Guide to Lightening Your Eyebrows
www.gmkideas.com/ Photo: pexels.com

So, in this blog post, we will discuss some of the ways to make your eyebrows attractive if you like lightening your eyebrows to look beautiful. This will be really helpful to follow the trend. Continue reading A step by step guide to lightening your eyebrows.

Beautiful and natural-looking eyebrows are in trend nowadays. Reshaping eyebrows that suit your face is fashion. The latest beauty trend is going lighter. Just match your eyebrows, making them lighter than the color of hair that really suits you.

If you are worried about the color of your eyebrows being too dark and wondering what to do? You don’t need to take the stress anymore here; we will discuss some of the tips to lighten your eyebrows and explore your beauty. Before using bleach to lighten your eyebrows, you can start with these natural ways. Without any chemical effects, these tips can be helpful for you:

Steps of how to lightening your eyebrows

A Step by Step Guide to Lightening Your Eyebrows
www.gmkideas.com/ Photo: pexels.com
  1. One of the simplest ways is to use brow gels or light-colored eyeshadow or pencil lighter than your hair color.
  2. You can try washing eyebrows with a clarifying shampoo or a combination of baking soda and shampoo or apply face toner or lemon juice to lighten its color. Scrubbing brows with clarifying shampoo can stripe color from eyebrows, but you need to be careful. A simple way is to use a brush or new toothbrush, wipe it off after 60 seconds, then wash your face.
  3. If you prefer using baking soda and shampoo, then mix in a bowl to make a paste. Apply the paste to your eyebrows and after 2 minutes, wash it carefully.
  4. Also, you can use lemon juice on your eyebrows. Take some juice of a lemon and wipe it with a cotton bud. Let it dry and wash it.
  5. The use of hydrogen peroxide is an excellent method if you don’t like bleach cream. You can simply find hydrogen peroxide in a typical grocery or pharmacy. Before using, make sure to saturate the Q-tip in hydrogen peroxide and gently swab to your eyebrows. Leave for half an hour and wipe your eyebrows; after that, rinse with cold water to remove it.
  6. Another way is to use chamomile tea with lemon. Make a mixture of tea and lemon juice apply using a cotton swab. Repeat every day, and gradually you will lighten the eyebrows.
  7. A facial toner can also help to lighten eyebrows. Just squirt toner on a cotton pad gently wipe your eyebrows to lighten the tint.

These natural ways take more time to give the best result. You can bleach for eyebrow lighting, and we will discuss some ideas for it. Of course, by using some chemicals, but it is not so harmful if used properly with applying precautions and carefully. Continue reading A step by step guide to lightening your eyebrows.

Before you start bleaching, make sure of your look by experimenting, whether it suits you or not. It will enhance your beauty or not. It is far better than regretting after the lightning eyebrow. For this, you need a highlighter, powder, lighter shade brow pencil. Use a highlighter to visualize what you would look like after bleaching your brows.

If you are sure about lightening your eyebrows, then it would be better to do a test patch if you will have allergies or your skin is sensitive. You can also use tinted eyebrow gel. It is better to test before any reaction.

Just be sure of the items needed for bleach to lighten your eyebrows like:

  •         Bleach
  •         Makeup brush
  •         Cotton balls
  •         Q-tips
  •         Tap water

Before you bleach, apply Vaseline at the edges around your eyebrows to set the boundaries so that chemicals won’t get into your skin. It will help to prevent irritation.

The tone of bleached eyebrows should be similar to that of hair on the head. The longer time you leave the bleaching cream, the lighter the eyebrows become. And most importantly, obliterate eyebrow bleach after completing the process.

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Firstly, you need to wash your face. A clean face is necessary for bleaching- no skincare, no moisturizer, and no makeup, just a clean face.

Two components are a must for bleaching: activator and bleaching paste. Make a mixture with a makeup brush and make sure that the brush will no longer be a part of your daily makeup routine; a clean brush is needed.

Put the solution on your brows with the help of a brush and make sure to clean excess solution around the edges. Q-tips are used to clean up. Keep it for three minutes first, use cotton balls and tap water to remove the solution. Reapply after one minute if you want lighter brows. Continue the process slowly.


Eyebrows always grow in a normal way, so after bleaching, make sure your brows turn back to natural hair before bleaching. When you bleach eyebrows from black to brown, if you re bleach the fresh black hair, the brown one might turn a shade of orange. You can use tinted gel until your eyebrows return to their natural color. You can re bleach and repeat all the process after you get the natural color of your eyebrows.

Some precautions that will help you bleach eyebrows perfectly:

  • Always remember applying chemicals near the eye is dangerous so you need to be careful.
  • You need to pick the right shade and only proceed to bleach.
  •  Leaving the bleach for too long will make it more orange or reddish so be careful about that.
  •  Before bleaching, you can use Vaseline or some petroleum jelly around your eyebrows.
  •  Use a wet wipe to remove bleach gently and apply hydrating moisturizer after you finish bleaching.
A Step by Step Guide to Lightening Your Eyebrows
www.gmkideas.com/ Photo: Pixabay.com

Changing your eyebrows even lighter can totally alter the appearance of your face. Lightening eyebrows even slightly brighten the face. A darker eyebrow shows face bolder. In order to add intensity against skin tone, lightening eyebrows is useful. Softer color brings focus and gives a lighter look.

If eyebrows are lighter, then eye makeup will look smokier and winged with eyeliner. Today the trend is to make lighter eyebrows then the color of your hair. This is a trend. Everyone wants to follow the trend to look beautiful. I hope these tips will really help you out to lighten your eyebrows. Apply these step by step guides to lightening your eyebrows and look beautiful.

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